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happy birthday matt

March 26, 2009

so last night was matt’s birthday party – we hit up camp where debbie duncan  just happened to be performing… she did two songs for matt and tore the place down.  the first one is a killer take on an old nina simone classic & the second – happy birthday.

(by the way, the ‘woot’ you hear at 1:05, that would be matt… he only sounds that gay on youtube!)  <g>

happy birthday babe.  hope you loved every minute of it.


no man.. its like…its just…i got, kind of distracted*

March 19, 2009

yup, i’m still alive (if you were following me on twitter, you would know this)… just all distracted with matt and work and life and shit.

but this was too good to pass up sharing… got this from matt tonight:


in the meantime, i’ll try and blog more – truth me told, i’ve kinda missed it… thanks for sticking with me.

oh, and here’s the first pic of the two of us together:


awful cute aren’t we?  and yes, it looks like a freakin’ lenscrafters commercial. 


*ps points if you get the reference.