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earth day 2009

April 22, 2009


did you know adequate access to clean water is a critical issue for both people and wildlife?  there are 1.2 billion people worldwide without access to clean water* and 4,000 children die each day from water-related illnesses.**

conservation is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to prevent water shortages – so people, planet and wildlie worldwide all have access.  it’s as simple as using less each time you use water.

  • use less water in your home and yard to prevent wastewater and pollution from runoff.  sweep driveways and sidewalks rather than hosing them down.
  • use pesticides sparingly-if at all- and compost all leaves and yard clippings for use as natural fertilizer in your garden or yard.
  • pick up-an properly dispose of-pet waste, trash and other debris in your neighborhood; street gutters and storm drains often run directly into lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands.
  • keep your car clean and green: choose a professional car wash that recycles its water; promptly repair auto leaks; and recycle used motor oil-a single quart that seeps into groundwater can pollute 250,000 gallons of drinking water.***
  • properly recycle electronics, appliances, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), silver batteries and paint to keep toxic pollutants out of your water.

 learn more:

*source: united nations development programme, 2006 human development report

**source: world health organization, 2004

***source: national resources defense council, ‘how to clean up our water.’- 2001



April 21, 2009

of the 3 matt’s that come up when search under his name on facebook:


 i just gotta say my boyfriend is the hottest.


“she makes you work a little bit for it…”

April 19, 2009

truer words have never been said.

it’s not surprise how i feel about kate bush.  simply but, she’s the best.

a few weeks ago the bbc did a series called ‘queens of british pop’ which highlighted the best female artists in british pop music.  now in america, when we do these sorts of shows, the segments are 3 minutes tops… the bbc, well, they just do it better.  a full 10 minutes of kate in all her glory, it’s really a great segment

and then there is siouxise sioux (should be noted, she also makes you work for it, nothing easy about siouxsie).  the other icon of british pop music that simply kills me…here’s part 1:

part 2:


new specs

April 13, 2009

fancy eh?




prince’s ‘lotus flow3r’; reviewed

April 11, 2009

4.29.09.  the date prince became irrelvant.

it also happens to be the release date of his 25th collection ‘lotus flow3r‘, arguably one of his most passion-less releases. 


it’s not that the 3-cd set that is lotus flow3r (also including MPLSoUND and bria valente’s elixer) are terrible records – its just that they are fairly rote offerings from the guy that used to challenge at every turn (scratch that, elixer is a truly terrible record).


for certain there are some great tracks here, particularly the swagger of chocolate box, the funk of dance 4 me and the burning politic of colonized mind.  and much of MPLSoUND is great, but the flashes of brilliance are few and far between. 


back in the day a prince release promised amazing soundscapes, raunchy funk and sweet pop all thrown in a blender and blended to a fever-pitch of new power funk (see kissmountains or hot thing for 3 examples) – he would challenge his listeners (by way of challenging himself) to consider new musical forms and styles.  the records were hardcore, sexy, playful and simply demanded that you pour over every note non-stop for weeks after the release.  the music was thick, rich and fun. 

the tunes on lotus flow3r are slight, forgettable (for the most part) and generally un-inspired. 

i wont blame this (as others have) on his jehovah witness faith.  the sacred and the profane have always danced a thin line in the world of prince – and certainly his tremendous love of god has informed some of the strongest tunes in his canon.  rather, i think his ego has taken control and  these songs are a lackluster attempt at chasing his history.  the bravado and strut here is but a shadow of his better works (not to mention his complete obsession with money and control) and detracts from the music. 


what made prince so utterly brilliant on albums like controversy, parade and lovesexy was that he simply did not care what other people were doing.  he was following his own musical bliss and we were better for it.   while the prince on this album is channelling the ghost of hendrix (and chasing current pop chartoppers).  he’s clearly fighting for relevance here and missing the boat.  prince is hands down more talented than anyone currently ruling the charts – he would be well served by remembering that his unique voice is what makes his music better.  

back in the day he wisely surrounded himself with musicians that challenged him and pushed him forward.  folks like wendy & lisa, sheila e & eric leeds were critical to that classic sound.   its no surprise then that his current band seems more comfortable following their leader’s direction, rather than inspiring him to greater heights.  one gets the distinct impression he is surrounded by yes men.

in 2009, prince seems more comfortable ruling the concert stage, than in putting out music that is inspired and unique.  and who can blame him?  pop audiences are terribly fickle and (truth be told) boring (how else do you explain generic tunes topping the charts?).  prince has always been the king of the concert stage, so one can hardly fault him for retreating to that world, where he can really play to his strengths – but at the end of the day, the vegas revue stylings of his recent outings will become stale without strong original music to back it up.

with all that said, the moments of brilliance here (better with time, feel good, feel better, feel wonderful) are great reminders of why we fell in love with prince in the first place. 

one just wishes there were  more moments like those.







(let’s take a long) spring walk

April 8, 2009

its starting to finally get nice out so i thought i’d take a quick walk at lunch.  i shot these with my iphone….not bad considering the quality of that camera.  i think i was channelling my inner jasontt or alex (two photo-bloggers i admire greatly) on these.  


east bank mills construction - très patriotique

east bank mills construction - très patriotique


view of downtown minneapolis from the east bank of the mississippi (with hydroplant)

view of downtown minneapolis from the east bank of the mississippi (with hydroplant)

saint anthony falls as seen from the historic stone arch bridge

saint anthony falls as seen from the historic stone arch bridge


gold medal flour + guthrie theater's 'endless bridge'

gold medal flour + guthrie theater's 'endless bridge'


east view of mississippi (including a view of the new 35w bridge) from the stone arch bridge

east view of mississippi (including a view of the new 35w bridge) from the stone arch bridge

stone arch bridge

stone arch bridge


i am not fucking picky.

April 6, 2009

so, if you follow me on twitter you will know that i have had an a-class shitty fucking day.  the worst of it is, in the big picture of things, it really isn’t that big of a deal, but i’m letting it eat at me big time (and i can’t seem to stop).  grrr.  fuckity fuck fuck.

well, matt being the worlds bestest boyfriend offered to get me something to cheer me up.  of course i suggested pie.  everything is better with pie.  at the end of the conversation i just said to get whatever looked good – surprise me.  to which he responded by laughing at me.  wtf.  kill him now. 

apparently he got it in his head somehow that i am picky.  cb also shares this delusion.  for the record, i really don’t think i’m picky.  its just that i tend to be a traditionalist.

for example, when it comes to pie, i pretty much think there should only be 6 types (7 if you count pot):

  1. apple
  2. blueberry
  3. cherry
  4. french silk
  5. banana cream
  6. lemon chiffon

that’s it.  simple really.  and lots o’ options to pick from.  all classic! 

all of this started when i had another craving  for pie a couple weeks back.  matt and i were in the frozen food section looking at the pre-made pies and he suggested this:


wtf.  really?  oreo cream pie?  for the record, oreo’s should be consumed in oreo form (or in a dairy cream blizzard), not in a cream pie.  abomination.  we compromised on a tasty little dutch apple wonder.  mmmm pie.

cb also thinks i’m picky when it comes to pizza and ice cream. 

again i say i’m a traditionalist.

pizza should be:

  • pepperoni
  • mushroom
  • sausage
  • margarita
  • hawai’ian

he likes to put all sorts of other crap on it.  like onions and peppers (hello both of which are in the sauce!).  keep it simple i say.

regarding ice cream – again, he’s into all these weird fucked up flavors.  when he comes over for movie night he frequently gets a pint of ice cream.  consumes only half of it, and then it sits and rots in my freezer.    right now in fact there are 3 half-eaten pints taking up valuable real estate in my freezer.  they are:

  • caramel swirl chunk snickers flavored ice cream
  • cinnamon dulce de leche
  • girl scout samoa’s flavored ice cream

i think ice cream should come in one of 3 traditional flavors:

  1. vanilla (or french vanilla or new york vanilla)
  2. chocolate
  3. strawberry

what’s wrong with just keepin’ it simple and traditional?  there are too many choices these days i say.

see i’m not so difficult or picky or whatever you want to call it.  i just like to keep is simple.  i’m really quite easy.

an update:  matt just walked in with not one, but two pies!  blueberry and french silk.  man he’s good!