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my favorite photographs. no 2

July 17, 2009

delfo (delphi) by giulio paolinidelfo (delphi) by giulio paolini


i realize….

July 16, 2009

i took what matt created and turned it into a nice lil’ graphic:

i realize


matt’s the coolest

July 15, 2009

from his facebook page:

“(i) realize that some people need to believe in a higher power to function from day to day but if we believed in ourselves with as much ferocity as some religeous zealots believe in their “god” how fucking ustoppable would we be?”


my favorite photographs. no. 1

July 1, 2009

new feature here on pluto drive; one where i introduce you to my favorite photographs, and while doing so, introduce you to some of my favorite photographers.  without further delay, our first installment:

patti smith shot by danny clinch

patti smith shot by danny clinch

certainly not the first to capture smith’s appearance (robert mapplethorpe comes to mind with that incredibly haunting ‘horses’ album cover), danny clinch’s  portrait of the great poet/musican affects me in the most amazing way. equal parts intimate, claustrophobic & revealing; the photograph captures the moment in time perfectly.  as cold and hard as the mapplethorpe was, this image is warm and telling, but asks more questions than it reveals.  why john coltrane?  what is she looking at?  what does music mean to her?   i think it would be amazing to be in a small dingy record store in the village with patti leading the way through the stacks and guiding me towards musical treasures.  a little cliche i’m sure, but special just the same.

clinch is a noted photographer working quite a bit in the rock world.  his photographs have graced album covers as well as published in vanity fair and rolling stone.

click here for more about danny clinch.