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dear universe….

August 31, 2009

….you’ve crapped on me bigtime the past 2 months – therefore you owe me something.

and this is what i want:

click on me to go to and order me for kyle

click on me to go to and order me for kyle

from’s description: Siouxsie and the Banshees at the BBC is a stunning 84-track, all digitally-remastered, 4 disc hard-back book set of exclusive BBC sessions, live concert tracks and TV performances recorded between 1977–2001 split across 3CDs and a DVD. All tracks were hand picked by the band, including alternative versions of 18 classic hit singles, key session tracks from 1977-1987 and a concert recording from the Apollo Theatre in Oxford in 1985. The set also includes the complete John Peel sessions alongside sessions recorded for Kid Jensen, Richard Skinner and Janice Long. Disc 3 contains highlights from their BBC concert recordings at the Apollo Theatre in Oxford and the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1988, where the band performed a storming set 3 nights in a row to a sold out crowd. Highlights include a breathtaking “Last Beat of My Heart”, “Christine” and a rip roaring crowd pleasing end of show version of “Hong Kong Garden”. Disc 4, however, is the real gem; a 29 track DVD of the band’s BBC TV performances, features the complete Old Grey Whistle Test broadcasts from 1978, 1982 and 1985, the Something Elseperformances from 1979 and 1980, the Rock Goes to College broadcast from 1981 and the band’s complete Top of the Pops performances. A fantastic 30 page booklet contains extensive sleeve notes by Paul Morley, interviews with all the band members and a unique and insightful introduction written by Siouxsie.

like i said, you’ve shit on me – so you owe me.  make it happen universe!  thanks much.  kyle


r.i.p great man

August 29, 2009



a month in…

August 21, 2009

… and i’m still just left with a ton of questions.  all the signs were pointing to something good.  then bam, completely sideswiped.  i’m mentally ok, no longer depressed – i’m just still confused and sad.  it no longer occupies my entire mind…. and it has gotten better, easier… it’s just there was nothing to make me think this is what was going to happen.








killer iphone app

August 19, 2009

with props to blogography who posted about this first, i had to share ‘shakeitphoto’ – a cool app that turns any picture into a “polaroid-esqu” pic.

i have a couple other photo-editing app’s, and one of ’em even has a loose-polaroid app (all it does though is put the white boarder around it)… what makes ‘shakeitphoto’ so great, is that it really degrades the photo the way an actual polaroid does.  the colors are a little more saturated, the lines a little less sharp and the shadows, more pronounced.   i love it.

some examples:


your’s truly


office dawg


my favorite pissyrabbit

photo (2)

my p3k

i actually don’t mind the quality of the iphone camera (tho’ a zoom & a flash would be welcome additions) – its a bit like a lomo… and now with shakeitphoto (by the way, you can actually shake the image to make it develop faster – just like a real polaroid), it’s even more fun.



August 13, 2009

now she will be with me forever:


(p3k was parker’s nickname)


goodbye my sweet lil’ girl.

August 11, 2009


1997 – 2009


biography as poetry

August 10, 2009

i absolutly love the format of this ‘bio’ for musican/poet ingrid chavez.  it’s subtle & beautiful… an interesting way to sum up a life:

.birth January 21 6:50 AM New Mexico …Ingrid… 1970 Georgia muscadines red earth mustangs roller skates mud pies …Remembering Julia… 1984 Tinondre …Little Mama… 1985 Minneapolis snow subzero Dexter + Gertrude Prince Spirit Child ‘LoveSexy’ 21 Poems …Poetry in December… 1989 Skyfish Richard Werbowenko Uptown tangerine clouds dandelions …Volcano Days… 1991 Nicollet Ave. ‘May 19, 1992’ Paisley Park Minnetonka ‘Graffiti Bridge’ Aura Lenny Kravitz Madonna ‘Justify My Love’ …Snowblind… 1992 David Sylvian Ryuichi Sakamoto ‘Heartbeat’ Ameera ‘Little Girls With 99 Lives’ …Deliver me… 1995 Amma Ova Tommy Roberts Josh Holland …Starred and Dreaming… 1997 Sonoma Isobel sun rain camel colored Hills redwood trees ‘Time Spent’ …love lost… 2000

Picture 3