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muse. uprising. the shit.

September 17, 2009

this is my new favorite thing. i can not get enough of this song. i’m coming late to the muse train, but i need to get this. awesome stuff:

(who doesn’t love the idea of zombie teddy bears? )


brand new ingrid.

September 9, 2009

kinda like the brand new heavies, but way cooler.

click me for the pretty:

By The Water from Ingrid Chavez on Vimeo.


scratch the spice girls….

September 8, 2009

… my new obsession:



September 8, 2009

hate to admit it, but i’m completely obsessed with this tune today.  can’t get enough of it.  save me.


not quite over it yet. (soon? please?!?)

September 7, 2009

i’ve moved a few special things from our time together to a box in the closet, but i  found the card he gave me for valentines day.  that fucking killed me:

i like you because of:

your eyes
your laugh
your singing
your neurosis
your body
your kindness
your music
your love of animals
your passions
your kisses
your company
your conversation
your humor
you won’t eat my chocolate
your ears
the way you moan
you bought me a toothbrush
ms. parker
your skin
your smell
your heart
your energy
your tolerance
your opinions
your bald head
your lips
the way you hold one of my fingers in a movie…
the way you always make me smile
Happy Valentines Day – I hope we get the chance to have lots…

kill me now.

here’s the deal, i know it will get easier (and indeed, i guess it has), but i’m anxious for day that i don’t miss him – that i don’t think of him.  that day hasn’t come yet.

i’m not picking at the scab, but i can’t deny the fact i miss him.  i’m moving on, true – i just wish i was completely over this.