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you want me to swallow what?

October 28, 2009

…..or adventures in medicine.


i will seriously pay anyone reading this to do this for me today.  i am so not a fan…. i gag with a tongue depressor in my mouth.


Simon Le…WTF happened?

October 27, 2009

umm, 1st thing, birthday greetings are in order (simon’s 51 today).  2nd’ly, i so should not be commenting on anyone’s body – but damn man.  you were fodder for many teenage fantasies of mine.




guess who’s gonna be a daddy

October 25, 2009

me! that’s who

pup 2


she doesn’t have a name yet, and she hasn’t “moved in” yet, but i’m super excited to introduce you to _____.

here’s what petfinder has to say about my future princess:

____ is fearless and quite a spunky little girl!! She came in to her foster home and pretty much took over like she has been there for years! She has yet to have an accident in the house. She loves to hang out and explore in the big back yard. She is the most friendly little thing and has to say hi and has kisses for everyone. The cat seemed to be invisible for the first day and then just someone to avoid. She loves to play with stuffed animals and play fetch. She is such a sweet, friendly, sassy girl and loves to be close and cuddle.

____ is about 5 months old and about 16 pounds currently.

Since we don’t know for certain what doggy genes are in the dogs make up, we are guessing on breed and can’t accurately predict size when grown.

in talking to the folks at the adoption yesterday, i also know that she came from a pound in kentucky where they had a 99% kill ratio.  since this group has started rescuing dogs from that pound, they’re down to 50%.

so sad.

they also think she’s some sort of sheltie-mix.  i don’t know about that.  when you look at her, you can see long haired dachshund, shepard, rottie.  all sorts of things.

i’m curious what you think she looks like.  and i’m taking name suggestions too.

oh, and she moves in november 3.  yay!


holy new music batman.

October 3, 2009

so i had been texting back and forth with my buddy scott in iowa about this new chick singer; paloma faith, who’s video for her tune ‘new york city’ i fell in love with (check it out below)… anyway, he just sent me a mp3 disk with a serious tonnage of new music from some people i’ve never heard of (love that!).  the disk leans heavily towards modern soul/r&b – this is going to take me some time to devour.  and it’s right on the heels of my annual shopping spree at amoeba records in la (coming this tuesday)… so much music, so little time.

so i’m currently digging:

ladyhawke-productladyhawke – ladyhawke.  the few tunes i’ve heard of hers, i’ve loved.  somewhere between ladytron & goldfrapp?


depeche mode – songs of the universe; demos.  this one oughta be interesting ’cause i gave up on dm years ago. anxious to check it out tho’


christopher bryn – my world.  his voice blew me away on the first cut i listened to.


paloma faith – do you want the truth or something beautiful?  check her video out down below.


the velvelettes – the very best of.  a surprise.  i know nothing about these ladies, but how can you go wrong with motown?


sharleen spiteri – melody.  ahh the voice behind ‘texas’  love love love hear.  i’ve heard good things about this disk from my friends across the pond.


daniel merriweather – love & war.  i fell in love with daniel’s voice on the mark ronson disk version (his cover of a smiths tune was one of the high points).


v.v. brown – travelling like the light.  ok, this chick is the bomb.  this album is outstanding.  funky & rockin’ & very very soulful.  i think i’m in love.  ‘shark in the water’ is the shit.  very very fuckin’ cool tune.


kylie auldist – just say.  this melbourne jazz singer has pipes like you wouldn’t believe.


mika – the boy who knew too much.  this may be the one miss on the whole collection for me.  i think i’m the only gay man in the world not in love with mika.  i enjoyed grace kelly from his last disk, so i’ll certainly give this a shot. might be fun right?

the disk also had a track by the capitol children’s choir doing lily allen’s chinese  you need to check that out too.  freaking amazing.

and the aforementioned paloma faith vid: