world aids day.

December 1, 2009

a) remember those we’ve lost.  you may not realize it, but hiv/aids has touched each one of you reading this message.  i guarantee it. nobody is immune.  take a moment today to remember those affected.

b) do everything in your power to end the chain.  it’s 2009, we all know how to prevent hiv/aids. between the “illusion” of manageability in the western world, to stigma and lack of access condoms and prevention messages in the developing world – somethings got to change.  something’s got to happen.

c) work to help those that can’t help themselves.   demand universal access to prevention, treatment and care.





One comment

  1. for someone my age, i have known relatively few people who have died from AIDS: a few friends from way back, and then, WHAMMO, my brother, 14 years ago.

    it changed my life and while it sounds corny and trite, made me appreciate everything i have been given so much more.

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