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world aids day.

December 1, 2009

a) remember those we’ve lost.  you may not realize it, but hiv/aids has touched each one of you reading this message.  i guarantee it. nobody is immune.  take a moment today to remember those affected.

b) do everything in your power to end the chain.  it’s 2009, we all know how to prevent hiv/aids. between the “illusion” of manageability in the western world, to stigma and lack of access condoms and prevention messages in the developing world – somethings got to change.  something’s got to happen.

c) work to help those that can’t help themselves.   demand universal access to prevention, treatment and care.





melancholy bird | autumn

November 15, 2009


melencholy bird

melancholy bird | autumn. november 15, 2009




ich bin ein berliner

November 9, 2009

so 20 years ago i was 19 & working overnights at this large store (think super target, without the thoughtful design) putting myself through school. i remember this as if it were yesterday – i was on break, sitting in the darkened mcdonalds that was in the middle of the store reading the newspaper that had just been delivered. i remember reading the headlines and looking at these amazing images of people rejoicing and celebrating. having been a child of the cold war, the news that the berlin wall went down was something that was just simply hard to believe, yet here it was – in all it’s glory. chunk by chunk it fell. patience and time won out against politics and war.

the wall had simply lived out it’s purpose and via a mistaken announcement by a soviet reporter, the course of history would be altered forever.

that day, along with a few others from my formative years (the space shuttle challenge disaster, president regan being shot) is so indelibly etched in my mind – it must have been truly amazing to be in germany during that time, and equally amazing that in the 20 years since, a generation has grown up with no knowledge of what it was like to be divided by hate and fear.

I know that the subject of this post isn’t the most oringinal, but on that day, we really were all berliners.


r.i.p great man

August 29, 2009



biography as poetry

August 10, 2009

i absolutly love the format of this ‘bio’ for musican/poet ingrid chavez.  it’s subtle & beautiful… an interesting way to sum up a life:

.birth January 21 6:50 AM New Mexico …Ingrid… 1970 Georgia muscadines red earth mustangs roller skates mud pies …Remembering Julia… 1984 Tinondre …Little Mama… 1985 Minneapolis snow subzero Dexter + Gertrude Prince Spirit Child ‘LoveSexy’ 21 Poems …Poetry in December… 1989 Skyfish Richard Werbowenko Uptown tangerine clouds dandelions …Volcano Days… 1991 Nicollet Ave. ‘May 19, 1992’ Paisley Park Minnetonka ‘Graffiti Bridge’ Aura Lenny Kravitz Madonna ‘Justify My Love’ …Snowblind… 1992 David Sylvian Ryuichi Sakamoto ‘Heartbeat’ Ameera ‘Little Girls With 99 Lives’ …Deliver me… 1995 Amma Ova Tommy Roberts Josh Holland …Starred and Dreaming… 1997 Sonoma Isobel sun rain camel colored Hills redwood trees ‘Time Spent’ …love lost… 2000

Picture 3


my favorite photographs. no 2

July 17, 2009

delfo (delphi) by giulio paolinidelfo (delphi) by giulio paolini


i realize….

July 16, 2009

i took what matt created and turned it into a nice lil’ graphic:

i realize