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a month in…

August 21, 2009

… and i’m still just left with a ton of questions.  all the signs were pointing to something good.  then bam, completely sideswiped.  i’m mentally ok, no longer depressed – i’m just still confused and sad.  it no longer occupies my entire mind…. and it has gotten better, easier… it’s just there was nothing to make me think this is what was going to happen.








oh, and yea…

August 8, 2009

….for those who are not following me on twitter or facebook – matt and i broke up.

it’s pretty much the shittest thing to happen in a long long time.

just an fyi.


new york city on film (or a reasonable facsimile of film anyway)

June 7, 2009

i haven’t posted pics from my recent trip to nyc cause.. well, because nobody reads this blog anymore… there’s like 8 of you (8 truly brilliant souls who check this thing out everyday hoping i’ll post.  you, fine people – have a lovely space in nirvana reserved).  i guess there’s some truth to the whole thing about readership going up and down with how often you post.  

christopher specifically requested pics, so this post is really for him 🙂 .   enjoy:





the above shots are of the fountain in bethesda terrace in central park.  i’ve walked by this fountain a bunch, and never really paid much attention to it. however, its matt’s favorite spot in the entire city – and when you really pay attention, it’s just one of the most striking pieces of art i’ve ever seen.  really dig these shots.  the first one is a mosaic of 3 different shots, i put it together using photogene.


another shot from central park.  this robin was rooting around looking for dinner no doubt.  i love the pissed off look in his eye.  


the woolworth building.  designed by minnesota architect cass gilbert (who also did the mn state capitol, the u.s. supreme court building in washington dc, the master plan for the university of minnesota.

interestingly enough (at least to a geek like me; he’s one of my favorite architects), gilbert also designed the building that our good friend cb over at the mangina monologues lives in (about a block from from where i live).  he also designed the us federal courthouse in new york – the next 2 photos show some detail work of the building:




this of course is the empire state building.  i just love the contrast of styles between the empire and the glass and steel office building in the forfront.  




details of the frank lloyd wright designed guggenheim museum.  can never get enough of mr. wright’s designs.  


my friend jenn took matt and i to an impromptu gay marriage rally in the city while we were there.  the main difference between a gay rights rally in nyc and minneapolis/st paul.  they get celebrity’s.  i shot a cool video of sex & the city’s miranda (aka cynthia nixon) speaking at the rally.  you can view it here)


this placard at the rally just sum’s it up so well.  


isn’t he cute?


the aforementioned jenn.  one of the greatest chicks in the world.  love her to pieces… thanks for a great sunday in the city (and an even better meal at lil’ frankies)


i swear i didn’t photoshop this pic, but who doesn’t love a little ass power!  or should that be power to the ass?  up with ass?  fight the ass?  











April 21, 2009

of the 3 matt’s that come up when search under his name on facebook:


 i just gotta say my boyfriend is the hottest.