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“she makes you work a little bit for it…”

April 19, 2009

truer words have never been said.

it’s not surprise how i feel about kate bush.  simply but, she’s the best.

a few weeks ago the bbc did a series called ‘queens of british pop’ which highlighted the best female artists in british pop music.  now in america, when we do these sorts of shows, the segments are 3 minutes tops… the bbc, well, they just do it better.  a full 10 minutes of kate in all her glory, it’s really a great segment

and then there is siouxise sioux (should be noted, she also makes you work for it, nothing easy about siouxsie).  the other icon of british pop music that simply kills me…here’s part 1:

part 2:


January 16, 2009

stolen from from the left.  i think this ad is bloody brilliant:

wrap it up boys… wrap it up (they are kinda cute arn’t they?)