grrr… scary beast

November 15, 2009



lady wtf.

November 10, 2009

can someone please a) tell me what the fuck she’s singing about, b) what the fuck this song is about and c) what the fuck drugs her parents did whilst she was in utero?

lady gaga.  bad romance:

that said, theres something intriquing about the woman and her “performance”.  i just can’t put my finger on it.  y.

that said pt 2, she makes kate bush (GOD) look normal.

that said pt 3, makes me long for moloko.  i certainly don’t mind gaga, but to me she’s just the “american” version of moloko.  without the originality:


what i’ve learned thus far about lucy

November 10, 2009


  • she’s easily distracted
  • she really really wants to play with the bunny rabbits we encounter
  • she always wants to stop at the liquor store we pass on the way to the park.
  • she thinks toys are meant to be met with brutal force in order to make them submit.  if we could bottle the fervor she goes after stuffed toys, we could solve the energy crisis.
  • heck, if we could bottle puppy energy, we’d be set forever.
  • she does not like grates in the sidewalk & will avoid them at all costs.
  • she does not like to be separated from me.
  • she’s super social.  loves people & dogs, but cats – well, she’s not so sure about cats.
  • she does not like to pee or poop on command.  it’s all about her timeline people.
  • she’s not so sure of car rides yet.
  • she’s about the cutest damn dog ever.

oh, and yea, i realize all my tweets, facebook’s and blog posts are about her lately – i’ll do my best to not let this turn into a dog blog, but she pretty much amazes me right now, so just be patient – it’ll get back to some sort of normalcy soon.


ich bin ein berliner

November 9, 2009

so 20 years ago i was 19 & working overnights at this large store (think super target, without the thoughtful design) putting myself through school. i remember this as if it were yesterday – i was on break, sitting in the darkened mcdonalds that was in the middle of the store reading the newspaper that had just been delivered. i remember reading the headlines and looking at these amazing images of people rejoicing and celebrating. having been a child of the cold war, the news that the berlin wall went down was something that was just simply hard to believe, yet here it was – in all it’s glory. chunk by chunk it fell. patience and time won out against politics and war.

the wall had simply lived out it’s purpose and via a mistaken announcement by a soviet reporter, the course of history would be altered forever.

that day, along with a few others from my formative years (the space shuttle challenge disaster, president regan being shot) is so indelibly etched in my mind – it must have been truly amazing to be in germany during that time, and equally amazing that in the 20 years since, a generation has grown up with no knowledge of what it was like to be divided by hate and fear.

I know that the subject of this post isn’t the most oringinal, but on that day, we really were all berliners.


lucy in the sky…err couch

November 7, 2009


introducing lucy

November 4, 2009



you want me to swallow what?

October 28, 2009

…..or adventures in medicine.


i will seriously pay anyone reading this to do this for me today.  i am so not a fan…. i gag with a tongue depressor in my mouth.